Monday, September 19, 2011

Little Birdies

Of course, we don't want to declutter... so in addition to the Cachoeira socks, I also started making these little birds. I was looking for something that I could make for small thank you gifts.

Tweets for shower thank you.
Tweets for shower thank you.

And here's some of them. I added little tabs at the top of the head for split rings. It also gives me a place to tie on my little thank you note. I started with an assortment pack of felt. The Mr. helped me cut out the pieces, then mixed and matched the wings and tail. Don't you just love how colorful they are? I just finished a second batch of birds. Stitching the eyes and beak takes the longest, but overall these little cuties are quick to make, assembly line style. Off to make more to be sure that I have enough... More felt please!

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