Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mom's toy

Last year apple started a replacement program for first generation the ipod nano. I got an email but we were busy with Casey and I did not want to hunt for the old ipod. I loved this nano when it first came out, but it was pushed aside when the "latest and greatest" ipods were released. Fast forward to mid-December, I found the nano, backed it up and looked for more information on the replacement program. All indications were that Apple would replace the ipod with another 1st generation ipod. No biggie, the old one was having trouble holding a charge anyway, so I started a request for replacement. Apple sent a prepaid box via FedEx, all I had to do was pack it and drop it of at Fedex. Look what was delivered this week!
The letter says thank you for participating..... due to the demand you may receive and newer model...Yup, I got a newer model. How did I get so lucky? When Apple introduced this smaller nano, I couldn't justify the purchase just because it was "cool". Others are saying that the replacement is a 6th generation, but I don't know how to tell the difference. All I know is we got a new ipod to load and play Casey's music. Thank you,, Apple!

If you have an old nano, check it out:  ipod nano replacement

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