Friday, March 2, 2012

oh no you didn't...

oh yes, I did! Just because you casted on one side of one sock doesn't mean that you should go ahead and by more sock yarn... sayz who? On a whim, I placed an order at Knit Picks for Felici that caught my eye. B.C. (before Casey) I chose more solid sock yarn so I could knit cables and lace, which don't show up well in multi colored yarn. A.C. (after Casey) I just want to pick up my needles and can't concentrate on complicated patterns... that justifies some yarn shopping right?

Knit Picks Felici

Some one will have some cozy toes :)


  1. Heavier weight yarn means you'd get more done in those few crafting moments you can snatch, so maybe you should look at some nice worsted (not that I would want to enable your yarn buying habit or anything...) }:->