Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A bit late for this post, but I just had to show you what I got! This year I made it to the Annual Friends of the Library Book Sale! It's one of my favorite places to browse for books. I only had a short time, so I headed straight for the craft section. Score! Some knitting, some quilting, some toy making. Looney Toons Transfers that will make a great embroidery project. Some books on bobbin lace...Cross stitch, of course, including one for Russian Lace (drawn thead).
Book sale purchase Book sale purchase

But my personal favorite for this trip... the cross stitch Monopoly chart. It has been at the bottom of my wish list, because really, when do I have the time to take on this project? Well, now I have the chart, should I so be inclined (at a bargain price!).
Book sale purchase
Happy Crafting, everyone!

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