Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Stitch club update #2

Summer stitch club update
Moseying along with Summer Stitch Club. Every Monday, without fail, an email arrives in my inbox with the week's mini embroidery pattern. And every week, without fail, I print it and file it away to be done "later". "Later" has been getting away from me and today the second to the last pattern was delivered.  YIKES! I better get my needles moving!
There has been some progress... See... I have 4 of the twelve little guys stitch up. The next seven are traced out and ready to be stitched.

My hexies are almost done. I need to count the green ones again. I think I'm short by two... I'll have to do some adjusting when I assemble.

HexiesNot too far behind, wouldn't you say? That's a good thing because there will be an Autumn Stitching Club! Who can resist these cute patterns that take just a moment to make. Not I, said the busy mom...

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