Friday, September 26, 2014

More animals - DONE

Zebra done!GiraffeGiraffe done!Since there was a request made for the giraffe and the zebra, my hands have been busy. Crocheting the body parts went very quickly, however these two animals have a lot of finishing detail. Adding the fringe was my favorite part. I decided not to separate the strands, it is slowly unraveling on its own with the handling that it gets. There are patterns included in the book for the stripes and dots, but I found it was easier to cut the shapes free hand to fit...

Dots you say? Apparently, the detail on the giraffe was taking too long (over a hundred pieces in the fringe) so my son declared that his giraffe doesn't have spots and added it to his animal collection. I also decided to change the tail on the giraffe and braided six strands of yarn instead. The eyes are all French knots and didn't do any of the detailed shaping on the hooves.

The next order is in for the hippo and elephant...

The patterns may be found in Crochet a Zoo by Megan Kreiner.

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