Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Smooth Operator Socks - DONE

So the deadline for the Smooth Operator Socks KAL was on August 22nd and I knew I wasn't going to make it. Did you see all the wonderful sock yarn in the KAL thread! It was so tempting to order some of those bright and cheerful skeins with creative names like "Hello Little Birdie", "Family Reunion", "Rainbow Bouquet" and "Rainbow Trout Stripe". I kept knitting and finished a few days later.


I love that the stripes are almost matching. I started the heel with the cuff facing the wrong way so the double up on the light green is on the heel of one sock and the leg of the other. I also made my foot too long, so I ended the decreases on the toe abruptly.See the sock on the right? It should decrease nicely similar to the heel, but I stopped before it got too long.
It fits fine, and there were some great tips in the pattern. I'm glad I tried, it but I think it will be returning to the regular gusseted sock.... do I hear another Fretful calling?...

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