Thursday, November 18, 2010

don't forget behind the ears....

So... I couldn't resist and decided to take the advance soap making class to learn about color and additives. My first bars were the plain with fragance. This batch has fragrance, color AND oatmeal! I just cut it, so I have to wait a few weeks before I can try it out...

IMG_2872I didn't peek this time, so no photos of the gel stage. This is just before I unmolded it. I chose a orange/almond scent and a bit of oatmeal for texture.

IMG_2874Hmmm... didn't do a great job on the plastic wrap this time. Note to self: pay attention when wrapping the mold. What if I call it a "design element"?

IMG_2876We were going for a burgandy accents with the natural color of the soap. The color needed to be mixed (red and black). The results are more plum-ish with swirls of the natural... Not what what I expected, but a lovely surprise.

I decided to cut half of the batch into a smaller size. Handier to pass out and ask people to test it for me. It's laid out next to my first batch...

So what's next you ask? Well... I'm gathering the supplies to try it out on my own, without supervision.... wish me luck!


  1. Love your blog! I'm 'following' via Google!

    Terri (bronzemom)

  2. I've always entertained the thought of making soap, too. It was interesting reading about your class, and the soap you made. :)

    Sue/Rosulen from