Monday, May 23, 2016


I caught up with my Fresh Stitches kit club.

First up, Stego, who is sadly devoid of any color. There was kool-aid packets in the kit to dye him, but we haven't decided if those are the colors we'd like.

Here's the snowman that still needs a hat and scarf to ward off the winter chill :)

And next up are a bumble bee and tulip. The tulip needs some minor surgery to close up the holes between his petals. The bee came with some patriotic stars to attach, but I think he looks fine just the way his is.


And a brontosaurus that is begging to be named.

Sadly the last installment arrived in the mail this weekend. It is nice to have an entire project in one place. There was a fish, a couple of leaves and another flower. All projects are complete. 

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