Saturday, April 29, 2017

March and April updates

My how times flies.

First Track Socks are done. I haven't decided whether to keep or gift them, so they are patiently waiting to warm someone feet.
Pattern: First Track Socks
Yarn: Knit Picks Felici in Botany

Then with the best of intentions I cast on Tablature  by Romi Hill with Cascade Heritage, but after about 40 rows it just did not feel right. I think the color needs some depth. So the beige yarn has been turned into a comfy pair of socks using the Lord, What Fools pattern by Claire Ellen.
Pattern: Lord, What Fools
Last year I finished stitching the stars for the 50 States Stitching Club by Wild Olive to their blue squares. I cut the stripes for the remaining blocks. I changed the pattern slightly to have 3 rows of stripes rather than 4. Then the project sat waiting... and waiting... So I declared this to be my lunch project and will be hand sewing the rest of the quilt. Piecing goes faster than I expect it to, but this project will be with me for awhile.

That didn't stop me from joining Mollie's next adventure, The Out in Nature Stitching club...

Happy crafting everyone!

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