Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hey Momma

The snacks for Japan will be put on hold for a bit, because we went on vacation! Here's some of what you missed. When we go to Vegas, I usually don't take too much pictures. This time was no different. I did however get some photos of the food that you missed. Nothing fancy, no photos of the buffets. Just plain ole every day, fill 'em up comfort food. Our first stop after we got off the plane was The Egg Works.
There were so many things on the menu that I wanted to try, skillets, waffles, crepes... but I ended up with the Sundance Special Omelette.
It's filled with spinach, mushrooms and artichokes topped with tomatoes and feta cheese. It's a half order, but still more than enough for one person, especially with the potatoes and the delicious banana muffin.  
M had the Traditional Benny and G had the French Toast. It was the perfect stop after the long flight and a great way to start our vacation.

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