Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cubist sock - update

Cubist socks - first side
Finished the first side of the Cubist socks late last week. I was really happy to get them off the needles and start the second side until I noticed that I didn't follow directions very well. When you start the repeats for the leg, you need to compensate 2 stitches for the shift in the pattern. That means you knit 2 then move your marker to change the start point for the next repeat. I caught the adjustment when doing the repeat on the leg. Well, you also need to make the adjustment when you finish the cuff and move to the leg. See it?
Cubists socks - error 1
Yeah, I thought so too... no one is going to notice,  can live with it...so I went on my merry way and continued on to finish the sock. But after I cast off, I noticed this! See it!?! I certainly do. This one is opposite the heel turn, so that would been ripping back half of the sock. I certainly don't want to make that decision right now, so I put it on the side and started side two. The only good thing about this photo below, is that the color is pretty accurate.
Cubist socks -error 2

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