Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Scalloped Caps - DONE!

Scalloped capTwo scalloped caps are done. I finished the purple cap. A quick, easy to memorize pattern. I used Caron Simply Soft for easy care.  The color in theeh photo is not true, but you can see the pattern. I decided not to do the french knots on the top or the crochet edging for this cap. Lovely, isn't it?

Since I didn't decide on my next project, I cast on for a second cap. This time using a cream color with a gold thread running through it. Again, acrylic for easy care.
Scalloped cap
This time I altered the decreases to mimic the pattern, sort of. I went back to the start and added the crochet chain edging.

Two more caps to add to the hospice pile. If the weather stays nice, all the hats will be washed this weekend and packed for the trip to Hilo hospice.

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