Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Arriving in the desert...

We decided to take one last trip at the end of the year. Somewhere there would be a chill in the air... So we hopped on the plane (the new Airbus) to Vegas, of course!

It was wet, dark and cold when we landed. You know how you can almost see the entire length of the strip? Well, the clouds were so low, that you could just barely see two properties ahead. We were hoping that the weather moves on quickly and change back to the crisp, dry desert that we are accustomed to.

Rain and low clouds low clouds

A hearty breakfast should lift our spirits. This time we decided to try Black Bear Diner on Tropicana Ave.

Black Bear Diner
Black Bear DinerThe Mr. had his "lucky" breakfastBlack Bear Diner of Eggs Benedict and I had a chorizo scramble. Yummy. After filling our bellies we headed back out in the rain in search of our fortunes.

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