Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Seems like I have a lot of knitting projects in progress, don't I? I've been working on this sweater since September. I picked up the pattern and yarn from Gail Knits in Las Vegas. The yarn is Provence by Classic Elite and the pattern is in their New Harbor booklet. The pattern calls for CEY's Classic Silk yarn, but the colors in stock didn't catch my attention like this red did. I had some $$$ in pocket specifically for this project, so I was determined to leave the store with yarn in hand. This lovely red just begged to leave the store with me. I've been working on this off and on since September and finally have all the pieces ready to be seamed.
So, I sat in in front of the tv and started seaming. Just a little fudging on the sleeves, but overall pretty painless. There's still one more step before this is finished... picking up and knitting the border edge. It's just ribbing so it should go quickly. Dare I put a Valentine's deadline for this project?

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