Tuesday, February 16, 2010

recycled styrofoam coolers

At the office we sometimes we get perishable shipments that require refrigeration. They arrive in styrofoam coolers. I have learned of a great way to recycle those coolers. Start a container garden! A coat of outdoor paint starts the project, so the foam won't deteriorate in the sun. Don't mind the color. It was the only color available in the 8 oz size. Two coats to be sure that we didn't miss too many spots. Be sure to paint the top and a little down the inside.

After the paint dries, I used a screwdriver to poke a few holes into the bottom for drainage and we have a lightweight container for gardening. The cover of the cooler was broken up into pieces to line the bottom, so we didn't have to use too much dirt to fill it.

In the larger container, I planted gardenias. The plant on the left was transfered from a pot and the one on the right are cuttings that have been rooted in water. These came from Aunty S.

The smaller container contains two strawberry plants are an impulse buy. I haven't had much luck with anything that needs full sun. We get only a few hours of full sun that peeks through the buildings at midday.

This last photo is my first container that I started about 6 months ago. It's full of greek oregano.

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