Tuesday, February 23, 2010

recycled yarn - retry

well, just couldn't give up on the idea to recycle yarn. I'm always looking for inexpensive yarn to knit those hats for hospice. Trying to recycle cotton sweaters didn't work out, so maybe wool sweaters will have better results. I found some 2 wool sweaters at a white elephant sale. The red caught my eye and of course the neutral grey would make great hats. The yarn seems to be one-ply worsted, so I handed over my $ and headed home. Hopefully, this project will have better results...
The red sweater was worked top down in the round. There is some color work in blue. Finding an end took awhile. I ended up snipping off the collar and working down from there. I also had problems with the joins in the underarms that are few carefully placed snips solved.
The grey sweater proved to be more of a challenge. The pieces are seamed together. Easy enough to separate, but it contained intarsia which means a bunch of joins to take care of. I did learn if you work a knotted join carefully into your work, you will hardly notice it. Yes, all the colorwork ends were knotted in. The light grey section was also stitched with short pieces. So after spending some time unraveling one sleeve,  I decided that I would salvage only the dark grey yarn from the sweater. But that will be for another day.

Once that's done, I plan to wind the yarn into hanks to wash and help get the kinks out.
Here's a great link with pictures want more information on how to choose a sweater to recycle.

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  1. Those are lovely colours - I hope it all works out.