Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pike's Place Public Market

IMG_2109You know you are in Pike's Market when you see the flowers. Since we were there in September, the bouquets were full of fall colors.
And I have to make time to see the fish. The last time we were there, they had a rock fish (?) on display. This time there is a "Giant Pacific Octopus".

IMG_2119I enjoy walking around when the vendors are setting up their stands. But most of all, I love the variety of food that you can find. I usually make a stop at Three Girls Bakery to get a variety of pastries and the Mr.
insists that we make time for a Smoked Salmon Pate piroshky at Piroshky Bakery.


My new favorite is the Farm Fresh Potato Chips. You get a small paper bag of freshly fried chips made from some of the potatos that you see here. I got a mixed bag of purple and gold chips that just came out of the fryer. They were gone in a flash, so once again, no picture...  You should try a bag if you are there!IMG_2124


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